Elastic closure lip elements with a fixing part that can be used with or without a metal support. Its use as a foreign element repellent, which become deposited on the piston rod during a linear movement, prevents dirt from entering the pneumatic or hydraulic system, avoiding premature wear of a cylinder's seals and guides. This is achieved thanks to its wiper lip design that produces an effective cleaning action on the rod.

This elastic closure lip can be manufactured in different materials, depending on the type of work to be carried out; highly polluting media, either due to ozone or suspended matter, fast or slow speeds, extreme temperature changes, etc.

BDA-17 / Wipers

BDA17 collar wiper, Rubber collar wiper. NBR 90º Shores

EU / Wipers

EU pneumatic seal, Two-part single-acting pneumatic seal Polyester. 55 Shores NBR 80 Shores

RGM / Wipers

RGM rubber wiper, NBR 90 Sh rubber wiper for steel rod with metal core.

RP1 / Wipers

RP1 rod wiper, Rod wiper with external sealing lip. Polyurethane. 93 Shores

RP2 / Wipers

RP2 step wiper, Double-step rod wiper. Polyurethane. 93 Shores

RCP / Wipers

RCP rod wiper, Rod collar wiper with step. Polyurethane. 93 Shores

RPM / Wipers

RPM rod wiper, Rod wiper with metallic steel exterior. Polyurethane. 93 Shores

SAC / Wipers

SAC rod wiper, SAC rod wiper with external sealing lip. Polyurethane. 93 Shores

RP3 / Wipers

RP3 piston wiper, Piston wiper. Polyurethane. 93 Shores

PP / Wipers

PP pneumatic wiper, Pneumatic wiper with Polyurethane cushioning. 93 Shores NBR 90 Shores

SCRAPER-1 / Wipers

PTFE R1 wiper, Single-lip wiper. PTFE+NBR or PTFE+FKM

SCRAPER-2 / Wipers

PTFE R2 wiper, Double-lip wiper. PTFE+NBR or PTFE+FKM

SCRAPER-5 / Wipers

PTFE R5 wiper, Double-lip wiper. PTFE+NBR or PTFE+FKM