Diving equipment

Bonded seal seals, Bonded seal seals, NBR, FKM, in steel and stainless steel.

AM / Static

AM support ring, Support rings for metric O-rings in polyester resin

AN / Static

AN support ring, Support rings for PTFE O-rings

AP / Static

AP support ring, Support rings for inch O-rings in polyester resin

PB / Static

PB support ring, Support rings for NBR O-rings

SP-BUR / Static

SP-BUR support ring, Support rings for PTFE O-rings

OP / Static

OP double-acting seal, Double-acting seal for rod and piston. Polyurethane Hardness: 93 Shore

PFS / Static

PFS static seal, Static seal for SAE polyurethane fastener Hardness: 93 Shore A

OR / Static

O-rings, O-rings, NBR 70/90 Sh. -30ºC+ 110ºC, Silicone MQ -60ºC + 230ºC, Viton FKM -20ºC + 200ºC.

QR / Static

Q-ring seal, Four-lip square seal, Nitrile rubber NBR Hardness: 70 Shore

CORD / Static

Cord ring, Cord ring by the metre. NBR 70 Sh. A -30ºC +110ºC. Silicone MQ -60ºC + 230ºC Viton FKM -20ºC + 200 º C

FIMBX / Bushings and bearings

FIMBX bushing, Low-carbon support with porous and sintered sliding coating, which is in turn impregnated with a resin-acetal coating.

FIMBRW-BRM / Bushings and bearings

FINBW-BRM bushing, The bearings of the BRM-10 series are made entirely of CuSn8 bronze.

VA / V-rings - axial rings

VA, VA profile Standard design. Available in the widest range of materials and measurements (from Ø9.5 up to Ø2.020 mm).

VS / V-rings - axial rings

VS, VS profile The lip is exactly the same as in the VA, but the housing is more robust. As standard as the previous one, but in a smaller measurement range (up to Ø210 mm.)

VL / V-rings - axial rings

VL, VL profile Geometrically similar design to the VA but with reduced cross-section for small housings. Manufactured in a single section ranging from Ø135 up to Ø410 mm.

RB / V-rings - axial rings

RB, The design of the RB seal is based on many years of experience in this type of applications, NBR OR FKM.